Be Protected from the Unexpected

Insurance agents who treat you like a person, not a number
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Protect Your Family

Safeguard Your Investments

Sleep Better at Night

Nobody wants to pay for insurance that doesn't fully protect them

  • Does your policy only cover the bare minimum?

  • Could you still be vulnerable to a big out-of-pocket expense?

  • Shouldn't your agent make sure you're not overpaying for bad coverage?

You deserve an agent who guides you
through the complexity of your policy.

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Saves You Money and Time

Most people don't know your policy should change in every stage of life. Your agent should be proactively updating your insurance to save you money and keep you protected.


Treats you like a person, not a number

No dumb questions exist when it comes to insurance. Our agents love to talk. We light up when we get to translate insurance policies into plain English.

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Protects You from the Unexpected

We'll help you protect what matters most, so you can sleep better at night.

You deserve an agent who guides you
through the complexity of your policy.

auto insurance


Most people get the bare minimum for auto coverage. We make sure you're fully guarded against all unexpected collisions and still make it affordable for you.

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Protect your most valuable investment from fire, floods, break-ins, and more.

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Nothing says "I love you" to your spouse & family like Life insurance. For an affordable rate, it's a peace of mind worth every penny.

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A lot of business owners focus on what could go right, but forget about the unexpected surprises. Guidelight will make sure your business is fully covered so you can focus on growing your business.

We understand how scary life is when you're not protected from the unexpected.

At Guidelight Insurance, we'll take the time to educate you and guide you through which coverage you need so you'll feel confidently prepared for the unexpected. Since 1927, we take pride in helping folks feel secure knowing their family's covered on all fronts. You'll feel confident in what you pay for and have complete peace of mind.

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Working with Guidelight Insurance is Smooth & Easy

Talk to a real human.

Whether it's 15 minutes or 115 minutes, we're happy to educate you about different insurance options. We don't want you to have any lingering questions or unknown about your insurance.

Best coverage & price.

As an independent insurance agency, we work with over a dozen carriers. We go the extra mile and shop around, so you get the best protection for the best price possible.

Talk to a real human.

As your insurance agency, we'll help you shield your family and your financial investments so you can sleep better at night and not have to worry about what-ifs.

Guidelight was there for us when we had storm damage on our home. It was scary, but they made us feel comfortable and protected throughout the process.

We've been with Guidelight for many years, and couldn't imagine having any other insurance agency. They're always responsive when you need them!

It wasn't just the fact that I saved over $600 for better coverage, but the fact that I actually understand what half of this stuff is now. Guidelight is awesome!

We meet a lot of people who think they have good insurance...until the unexpected happens.

They they pay a big out-of-pocket expense because they didn't read the fine print.
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