Sub-Contractors Are Vitally Important and Deserve to be Protected in NC

Sub-contracting makes up a significant part of the commercial insurance policies written here in North Carolina. These small to medium-size business owners are the critical support team functions to many General Contractors (GC’s) in the area. They fulfill the more specialized needs for services in a construction project such as plumbing, painting, carpeting, landscaping, electrical work, etc. There is a lot of competition with the current building boom North Carolina is experiencing.  

Consequently, there are several certain requirements that Sub-Contractors need to be aware of to be more competitive, that Guidelight Insurance often helps with: 

The Certificate of Insurance (COI)

When winning new contracts for their businesses, it is vitally important for Sub-Contractors to be able to pivot quickly when changes happen. Part of the ongoing changes that they may experience is within North Carolina there are many counties experiencing this same building boom. 

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is necessary when a business needs to prove that they have the correct insurance coverage and adequate insurance limits in place. This is important if a claim arises and the business is found liable while providing their service.

To be compliant, Sub-Contractors all need to have their COI pulled from their insurance company for each General Contractor on the jobs they are competing for.

Every single job.

Now imagine this needs to be done for all counties in North Carolina… Response time is imperative!

Having an insurance agent that is on-call, responsive, and quick to produce the COI can be all the difference in winning that new contract or needing to apply for the next one because they didn’t get it pulled in time… 

We at Guidelight Insurance are constantly welcoming new clients, always with the same complaint: “Their old agent never responded in time to their requests for COI.” That just cannot happen in this competitive commercial boom! 


Guidelight agents are either certified or in training to be certified Trusted Risk Advisors (TRA’s), which gives them the ability to be highly effective agents for their client’s businesses. 

With the ability to receive either phone, email, or text requests for service from their Sub-Contractors, or Artisans as they are sometimes called, Guidelight agents are currently performing a 1-hr response rate to produce this vital document, as well as any other service they may need. This directly has an impact on the number of new business contracts that our clients are winning. We’re proud of that service to our clients!  


Guidelight Insurance is an independent Insurance company that has working relationships with all the major & minor Insurance carriers. What this does is allows our clients to have access to & negotiate the best insurance rates & coverages available in NC. But our agents go one step further. We call it “second-mile service.” 

When sitting down with one of our compassionate, knowledgeable agents, they aren’t just going to write the first policy they find for you. Instead, you will be asked to describe your goals, dreams & aspirations for your Contracting business. Guidelight finds taking a holistic, advisory approach to customer service. We can get a full view of your business needs for the short- & long-term goals. 

One of the key benefits of choosing an independent Insurance company is the negotiation & bundling of different kinds of policies to create discounts and simpler billing. Our agents are trained to identify & explore current gaps in potential customer policies to show them critical differences in what they thought they were covered for versus the coverage reality. This is a key part of the ‘second-mile service’ we offer. Now, what are some options for coverage offered in a commercial policy for Artisans or sub-contractors?


Guidelight Insurance specializes in 4 major written coverages on a commercial policy:

  • GENERAL LIABILITY- Coverage for unintentional acts of company employees.
  • PRODUCTS & COMPLETED OPERATIONS- Protects against material defects on completed work and lawsuits from defects.
  • WORKERS COMPENSATION- Relieves GC & Artisan of Liability
  • INLAND MARINE & COMMERCIAL AUTO- Equipment, tools, other supplies, etc. used in transport or on job site are protected from physical loss. (DOT State & Federally mandated.)

Because Sub-Contractors are experiencing major competition in North Carolina, they need an experienced, proven Insurance company looking out for them. Guidelight Insurance has been and will always strive to be that type of company for them and their families…

Since 1927, we take pride in helping local folks in our North Carolina communities feel secure knowing they are covered on all fronts. Our agents are standing by to help you.

If you have any questions regarding service or policies with Guidelight Insurance, feel free to call (828) 552-5477 or email at 

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