Exploring Travel in a Post-Pandemic World

Was recently speaking with some neighbors who were excited about purchasing a new camper that they can hookup and tow behind their pickup truck. They were so full of ideas of where they could take it, how they can cook from it, how they could still travel but be away from the crowds, and ways they can keep their family safe.

It really got me thinking about how the pandemic has changed even how we even plan our travel and vacations. I even began reflecting on my recent brush with COVID-19. I couldn’t help but start thinking about what were some ways to be proactive to protect family members but not totally rule out travel? With the mandates to socially distance, people are beginning to want to distance themselves even further and are finding clever ways to do this.

For years hotels, cruises, and large resorts have been the main options for travel goers. Now, more remote possibilities seem to be on the rise. People are opting for boats, campers, and motorcycles to get off the beaten path, away from crowds. The less explored areas of this world are now the desired destinations for travelers looking for less crowded adventures. So many changes…

Even activities such as walking, running, and hiking are beginning to change. Folks are now seeking alternate routes on hiking trails that have fewer people. The weekly walking and running routines have now been adjusted away from the crowded boardwalks. Plus in an area with 250+ waterfalls, people shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a favorite secluded spot to explore.

You still want to get out and be active even in this post-pandemic environment. You also want to remain socially responsible and safe. Since we are all living in this ever-changing world, we’re here to guide you to new ways to explore that and be covered. Get out of the house and have some adventure!

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