Bitcoin & Saving More!

Look, I know the all the rage is Bitcoin right now, but if you missed the chance to ‘get in on the ground floor,’ do not fret. The last thing you want to do is rush into something you may know nothing about anyways… The financial guru Robert Kiyosaki recommends, “Invest in what you know.”

Instead, one of the easiest ways to leverage & save more money, in the long run, is to do a policy review with your trusted insurance agent.

Leverage your money by updating your Insurance policy

Right now, you could either be completely exposed and have under-covered assets or you simply may not need a certain coverage anymore, that you have been carrying for months. Finding ways to save money is part of what we do for customers.

When was the last time you sat with your insurance agent and talked about an update on policy coverages? Have things changed in your life that your agent isn’t even aware of yet?

Guidelight Insurance is striving to change the unknowns in customer policies. Our certified Trusted Risk Advisors are having meaningful conversations and spending the time with our customers, finding complete coverages & discounts. Our purpose is to find customers the best carriers, with the best possible prices, for their current & future insurance needs.

To be candid, our Trusted Risk Advisors really are interesting people. Not the “they could show you a thing or two because they have seen a thing or two” kind of actors that you see on TV…

Insurance policies must reflect the changes in your life- Talk to an agent today

They are real insurance agents that do have a lot of life experience, are likeable, and really ARE professionally concerned with YOUR insurance needs. Who knows you may even meet someone new?

So, if you still want to talk about Bitcoin or even another new investing option, we listen too…

Since 1927, we take pride in helping local folks in our North Carolina communities feel secure knowing they are covered on all fronts. We’re a different kind of insurance agency.

If you have any questions regarding service or policies with Guidelight Insurance, feel free to call us at (828) 552-5477 or email us at [email protected].

Jason Trent
Jason Trent
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