Attention Guidelight Insurance Agency Customers


Thank you for allowing Guidelight Insurance (formerly Trent & Associates) to be your agency of choice to handle your insurance needs. We are also sending out direct emails about this announcement.

If you have recently purchased, traded, leased, (or sold) a vehicle, you may need to contact us to verify if the vehicle has been added to your insurance policy.  

In the past, dealerships have offered to provide this service on your behalf. Guidelight Insurance has been made aware there is a trend of dealerships failing to provide this service and/or advising they would call for you but not doing so. We want to make this easy for you:

1. Connect with us how you prefer: Phone, Guidelight website, email

2. Provide basic info: Year, Make, Model, VIN number, Lien info, Coverage

3. We will guide you through any questions you may have!  

The responsibility to make changes to an insurance policy rests on the policyholder. Again, if you recently purchased, traded, leased, (or sold) a vehicle, please review your current insurance policy at the Guidelight site and/or contact us to verify the vehicles you have insured. Our agents are standing by to help you with this. 

As always, thank you for trusting Guidelight for your insurance needs. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have at (828) 552-5477 or email us securely at [email protected]


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Jason Trent
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