3 Reasons to Consider an Independent Insurance Agent

What if we told you that it’s your insurance agent’s job to present you with the right coverage that protects your family, assets, and home, not the coverage that saves their company the most money?

Most insurance agents working for enterprise insurance agencies have quotas to make, and budgets to stay within, that force them to nickel and dime their policyholders. But finding the insurance agents who actually work for you isn’t an entirely easy task and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It requires you to do your homework. Just as you wouldn’t buy the first car a salesman shows you, or leave your children in the hands of a babysitter with no references, an insurance agent is no different. You need an agent who is willing to listen, customize, and vet on your behalf to find you accurate coverage at the best price for your needs.

Independent insurance agents are your personalized guide through a sea of convoluted and saturated insurance information. An independent insurance agent doesn’t exclusively work for one of the big names you see too often in nationwide advertisements. They have an in-depth knowledge of multiple insurance products, companies, and guidelines. They’re unbiased in their suggestions and work on behalf of your best interest – not their company’s. 

Here are the top three reasons you can benefit from an independent insurance agent:

1. An Independent Insurance Agent Acts As Your Personal Advisor

Think of an independent insurance agent as a sales rep for multiple companies and policies. Once you’ve had all the necessary conversations that go over your assets, risks, and potential liabilities, an independent insurance agent is able to shop around for you- that’s right, for you – to find the best package for your unique needs. 

Save time shopping at multiple insurance companies and let your independent agent do the leg work for you and present the best results. They’re able to find the coverage you need at a price you’re comfortable paying, educate you on the pros and cons of all the top options, and give you the ability to make the final decision confidently. 

2. Your Independent Insurance Agent Represents You – Not a Company

Over time, your needs will change. In a couple years you may decide to sell your home, buy an additional property, or even begin constructing a pool in the backyard. Establishing a relationship with an agent who will act in your best interest will help make adjusting your coverage a faster, easier, and more streamlined process.

As you and your agent develop a relationship they’ll get to know your needs better. It’s their responsibility to proactively recommend adjusting your policy as these changes occur, not after an incident occurs. When you partner with an independent insurance agent, it’s their job to ensure you’re staying appropriately covered for years to come. And by being your partner in coverage, they’ll be able to help you through whatever life throws at you, no matter what. 

3. You Don’t Have to Jump Through Hoops To Get In Touch

When it comes time for you to have to submit a claim,  it’s probably not the best day for you. And on top of that? When you call your enterprise insurance company, you’ll most likely spend an hour on the phone waiting to read off your group number to finally get connected to a real person. And the infamous frustrating process doesn’t stop there–you’ll most likely be left in limbo for months on a pending approval status. 

But dealing with an accident or unexpected event doesn’t have to be this hard. These grievances are easily eliminated when you have an independent agent. They’re your personal advocate, working toward making you happy and getting you the best deal and outcome. When you work with an independent agent you can expect that you’ll have a real person answering the phone right away whenever you call. 

Your assigned agent will have years of experience ready to educate you on how to make a claim. Life happens and chances are that you’ll have to file a claim eventually so why not set yourself up to make the experience as seamless and efficient as it could be? 

When looking into insurance agents you want to create a relationship with the person who is going to do the best proactive job serving your needs–even as they change. Many insurance consumers don’t fully understand how important it can be.

When looking into insurance agents you want to create a relationship with the person who is going to do the best proactive job serving your needs–even as they change. Many insurance consumers don’t fully understand how important it can be to choose someone whose main responsibility is you, not a company. With Guidelight, you’ll only find agents who work for you, not an individual company.

If you’d like to learn more about our team of independent agents feel free to check us out and get in touch. 

Jason Trent
Jason Trent
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